The White Shadow Warrior

Master Sensei Treanor

Member Of The Dart Arts Association

Sensei Treanor is no stranger to either the formalities or protocols surrounding the Warriors Challenge. His skills and experience as a formidable apponent of the Dark Arts is legendary giving him accreditation as an expert in his field as a “White Ninja" with a reputation that many challengers would dread in a confrontation   either a duel or challenge.

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Poster Selection: One “Sensei Treanor"

Images taken from the “Shadow Trials Tournament”.
Sensei%20%20Treanor%20%20 %20Shadow%20Trial%20image%200001-5412
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Sensei Treanor - Double Sword

KMA Team Challenger - Shadow Trials

Blades sharpened and you guessed it Sensei Treanor has the first challenge of the day, and not looking to happy about it either, as his team are nowhere in sight. This Trial is going to be interesting as cornering Sensei in his fist duel isn't the best idea for anyone to be faced with.

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Profile%20Picture%20 %20KMA%20Association
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Sensei Treanor - Challenge Team

Birds Of A Feather - Shadow Trials

Master Sensei Treanor & "The KMA Association Challenge Team” 2020 during a photo shoot at the “Shadow Trials Tournament”. Photograph was taken preceeding a challenge stage at an old derolict mansion during the tournament. 

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Sensei Treanor & Shadow Warrior

Double Trouble - Shadow Trials

Keeping your head when all around you is falling apart can be overwhelming, and self defeatist. Our initial plan has forced us to become isolated with only one exit, with the lower floors teaming with "Dark Arts Challengers". If we are indeed to secure this stage then we both need to find our two team members before this all goes tits up!. The Photographer wanted to follow us in order to feel "safe" I'm not sure he feels that way at the moment. "Ironic" but he doesn't know me that well at all.

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Hall%20Of%20Souls%20Challenge%20 %20Great%20Hall
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Three Wise Men - Challenge Team

A Bird In The Hand - Shadow Trials

Always challenge yourself, regardless of how you may feel. Present yourself with dignity and humility even when you wish to give up. Nothing is lost until there has been something to lose, so move from the shadows and into the light for all to see. Now let them question themselves and predict your first move.

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Duel%20Lower%20Level%20 %20KMA%20Association%20-%20with%20Blur
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Force Of One - Main Lobby Hallway

Falling Shadows - Warriors Challenge

"Learn from your mistakes” and never repeat the same failures hoping to change the outcome or result. Be confident in your true abilities when facing other opponents, and never be better than you think you are or you may fall. An elusion of talent is not the same as being talented and skilled in your chosen art, so be true to yourself or your may pay the ultimate price. Mastery does not come from reading books, or watching movies, it come from achievements and personal sacrifices both mentally and physically. If you don't face defeat, then how can you ever win. Look at yourself before judging others, and ask if it can be done before really trying. "Never think you are what you are not, or we may meet one day and settle our differences.

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Base Camp - Shadow Trials

Time To Reflect

Base Camp and time to gather ourselves for the challenges ahead. Always deport you mind like moonbeams flooding through a leaky cottage, never focuse to hard on one task, or you may have missed the point of the task itself. If you are part of a team then the focus is always on each other and not so much on yourself. A place for everything and everything in it’s place, things are much easier to find this way.

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No Retreat No Surender 

The Calm Before The Storm

Sensei Treanor and Team Challenger as they pause briefly for a photo during the "Shadow Trials" between stages. Sensei begins his sweep of the lower section of the building prior to the start of stage 9 of the tournament. Any challengers left behind or hidden would be automatically entered into the stage, so it is important not to become overwhelmed before the start of the main fight.

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The%20Trials%20 %20West%20Wing%20Lower%20Level
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Together We Stand

The Beginning Of The End

Image taken at the at the entrance of the "Arena" at the "Shadow Trails". Sensei Treanor and his team member courteously enter the lower section of the West Wing of the Building to join the rest of the challenge team on the third floor. Three teams have already pulled out of the Trails, but we aim to push forward and not going back as there are few challengers left in this tournament. Challengers that enter the "Trials" do so on the understanding that they have both experience and capability in the "Way Of The Sword" pulling out is not so much a failure on the challengers part, but an understanding of personal limitations mentally and physically when fighting with live blades. This isn't for everyone and many misunderstand the dangers of such a "Tournament" due to each combative experiences in this field.

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The%20Basement%20Encounter%20 %20Hall%20Of%20Souls
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Through The Looking Glass

No Time Like The Present

Sensei Treanor is seen here having a quick photo taken before engaging in the last challenge of the day during the "Hall Of Souls" Warrior Challenge tournament. Sensei never misses an opportunity even as a tournament challenger from the “Dark Arts Association is approaching from the stairwell.

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Gateway To Hell - The Three Dragons

Chasing The Dragons Tail

Stage 5 " Hall Of Souls Challenge" and the final encounter at the lobby of the Great Hall. Sensei Treanor is left to engage any interests by the apposing teams to enter the Hall Of Souls via the main doorway, while the KMA Association challenge team cover the rear of the Manor to face down any aggressors. All teams left in the tournament must gain access to the Great Hall by Midday on Friday Morning or be disqualified from the tournament. Any remaining Team left at midday would Win the tournament " and the Hall Of Souls title. The last few moments are frantic in order to prevent teams from advancing to the Great Hall as seen in this image.

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Forest Shadow - The Three Dragons

Calm Before The Storm

Sensei Treanor and two Senior Instructors from the KMA Association for KokidoRyuNinjutsu set out at the Beginning of the Laburnum Forest Warriors Challenge on Day Seven. Five minutes in and swords are at the ready for the first encounter with group two of the challenge team as they head in to engage Sensei's position.

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Upper%20Stairway%20 %20Hall%20Of%20Souls
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Duel Upper lever - Hall Of Souls

Yeild Or Fall

The Upper level of the derolict mansion was to be held at all costs, and failure to do so way not an option. This image gives reference to being persistant in forcing to force your apponent to yeild his sword. Hitting hard and fast would force this warrior at a disadvantage as few options were left , either yeild or find refuge down the stairwell with 30ft to the lower floor. The Shadow Trials will always take those with pasion and ability to a new level.

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Woodland%20Fire%20 %20The%20Three%20Vales
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Vale Of Fire - The Three Vales

Wall Of Fire

Sensei Treanor in this third image from the “Three Vales Challenge” Tournament must cross to the safe zone on the other side of the Woodland Fire in order to secure his lead in the competition overall. Facing your fears and finding a safe avenue accross can be the difference between success and failure.

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Tewkesbury%20Way%20 %20Duel%20Pathway
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Pathway Of Wisdom - The Three Vales

The Walk Of The Righteous Man

Tewkesbury Way - Challenge 2019 image taken of Sensei Treanor from the "Honjojutsu Katori Ryu" as he was confronted along the pathway between to challenge Arena's during the Warriors challenge in 2019. The KMA Association has given permission for the image to be shown, but may offend those of a sensitive nature as the image shows graphic content.

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Oakham%20Woods%20Duel%20 %20The%20Three%20Vales
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Oakham Woods - False Witness

Know Your Limitations 

Duel at Oakham Woods - Sensei Treanor from the Honjojutsu Katori Ryu. Image taken during the closing challenge at Oakham Woods 2019 showing a bloody engagement between Sensei Treanor and the last of the challengers at the final days event.

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Hall%20Of%20Souls%20 %20Walkway
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Stand Your Ground - Hall Of Souls

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

This image was taken before the final onslaught towards the Great Hall, during the "Hall Of Souls Tournament. Sensei Treanor has his hands full yet again on the Walkway leading towards the Main entrance to the hall. Two challengers are hoping for a swift conclusion in this section of the tournament to take the stage to victory. However sensei has already marked this stage to be taken by his team.

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Oakham%20Woods%20 %20The%20Three%20Vales
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The Chase - The four Dragons

Taming The Shrew

Iaidō (居合道) is the art of drawing the Japanese sword from the scabbard and in the same motion cutting the opponent, replying to the opponents attack or dispatching the opponent, shake off the blood, then returning the sword into the scabbard gracefully and with dignity. Sensei Treanor demonstrated vertical Noto or returning the sword preceding the act of Chiburi, or shacking of the blood from the blade. An important part of Noto in order to preserve the Ha, or cutting edge of the Katana from corrosion due to rust or damage extending the life and sharpness of the Ha, and Kissaki or tip of the blade.

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Oakham%20Valley%20 %20The%20Three%20Vales
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Tewkesbury Way - The Three Vales

A Gift In Return

Honjojutsu Katori Ryu - Sensei Treanor at "Tewkesbury Way" following the last duel at the end of the pathway during the "Warriors challenge" in 2019. Always be respectful when victorious over your apponent, as there is no honour in gloat over the dying or dead. Be slow and deliberate in though, action, and deed, giving respect to your fellow man.

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Warriors%20Challenge%20 %20Oakham%20Woods
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The Dead Zone - Warriors Challenge

Crossing Blades

Moving from one challenge arena to another will always mean crossing through a “Dead Zone”, and possibly going head to head with a “Night Stalker” . It is important that all challengers taking part in the “Warriors Challenge” are aware of time and distances to travel between each arena and duel completed. Taking to long traveling through a “Dead Zone” and you will be facing an unwelcome guest.

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