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Soldiers Of The Night


A selection of Studio Portraits of Ninja Warriors from the "Honjojutsu Katori Ryu' school of “The Way Of The Sword", and "Kokido Ryu Ninjutsu" school of “The Way Of The Shadow Warrior”. All portrates can be downloaded in HD quality in A2 Printable Poster of which can be downloaded in digital format and resized to suite your requirements. 

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0-A2 Portrait Poster - id-SI-MS-0000-4123DL - Digital Download

Master Swordsman

Patience Is A Virtue

Beautifully staged image of Master Sensei Treanor form the Honjojutsu Katori Ryu ‘ Way Of The Sword” & Kokido Ryu Ninjutsu “Way Of The Ninja”. This image can be downloaded in A2 Poster digital Format in Portrait.

£21.95p each

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1-A2 Portrait Poster - id-SI-MST-0001-4124DL - Digital Download

Master Sensei Treanor

The White Ninja

Beautifully staged image of Master Sensei Treanor form the Honjojutsu Katori Ryu ‘ Way Of The Sword” & Kokido Ryu Ninjutsu “Way Of The Ninja”. This image can be downloaded in A3 Poster digital Format in Portrait.

£21.95p each

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2-A2 Portrait Poster - id-SI-NWKMAC-0002-4125DL - Digital Download

Ninja Warrior KMA Challenger

Soldier Of The Night

A powerful Portrait of a KMA Association Challenger in full uniform brandishing a Katana and Wakizashi blade, with a third straped in preparation ready for use over his right shoulder. 6ft 8inch tall this Shadow Warrior is an aboding and formidable apponent to cross blades with.

£21.95p each

Shadow%20Warrior%20image%200001 3245
3-A2 Portrait Poster - id-SI-DAAW-0003-4126DL - Digital Download

Dark Arts Association Warrior

Fearless and Unrelenting 

The Dark Arts Warrior is no stranger to the “Warriors Challenges” and taking on one or more opponents during a stage fight. If facing this formidable warriors then it is better to yeild that to fight if you have any doubts regarding your abilities or capabilities in defeating him. These Dark Arts Warriors are usually placed during the last stage challenge of the day in order to eliminate the weaker apponents from the Tournament.

£21.95p each

On%20Guard%20 %20Dark%20Arts%20Warrior
4-A2 Portrait Poster - id-SI-OGDAW-0004-4127DL - Digital Download

On Guard - Dark Arts Warrior

Do You Feel Lucky?

Facing a “Shadow Warrior” from the Dark Arts Association is never taken lightly in any competition. The most feared of all challengers and the most likely of all to defeat you if crossing blades with. Standing over 7ft 6inch tall and wighing nearly 287kg this apponent is not just messured in ability but also in might, brandashing a razor sharp Katana messuring between 4ft to 5ft in length. With Force = Mass + Excelleration and this Dark Arts Warriors abilities, then you better think twice before facing one.

£21.95p each

A2 Portrait Poster - id-SI-NWNS-0005-4128DL - Digital Download
5-A2 Portrait Poster - id-SI-NWNS-0005-4128DL - Digital Download

Ninja Warrior - Night Stalker

Be Careful What You Wish For

A Night Stalker is very much an unwelcome presence if you are falling behind and have lost toach with your team members or have little or no chance of catching up. As during a “Warriors Challenge Tournament” all stragglers regardless of experience are pulled out by these “Night Stalkers” if cought wandering alone at night.

£21.95p each

Ninja%20Poster%200001 5797
6-A2 Portrait Poster - id-SI-NWTC-0006-4129DL - Digital Download

Ninja Warrior - Team Challenger

Steadfast and Ruthless

Beautifully staged portrait of a team challenger from the KMA Association. This Ninja Warrior has many trophies under his belt, and for good reason as he has won nearly every challeng he has faced regardless of personal sacrifices made during any tournament presented or undertaken.

£21.95p each

7-A2 Portrait Poster - id-SI-SWTC-0007-4130DL - Digital Download

Shinobi Warrior - Team Challenger

Soldier Of The Night

This incredible image shows clearly that the legend of the Ninjato blade and its length would vary as Katana’s and Naginata blades gathered from fallen Samurai on the Ballte field would be re-purposed, and grounded down for personal preference to each Ninja Warriors requirements. Fallen Samurai were not killed by the Ninja as they were very much the Special forces of each militery unit they were fighting with.

£21.95p each


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