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“The Way Of The Warrior"


A selection of promotional poster used to engage with audiences on social media platforms and Google to promote Kokido Ryu Ninjutsu “The Way Of The Shadow Warrior” and Honjojutsu Katori Ryu “The Way Of The Sword”. Additional advertising was used to promote the KMA Associations “Shadow Trials” and “Warriors Challenges” as part of the National Competitions held for advanced and senior members within the KMA Association.

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18th August 2020

For those wanting to learn the Kokido-Ryu-Nijutsu way of the "Shadow Warrior, then here is your chance to join us and become different from the norm. Challenging, Informative & Comprehensive towards you and reaching your true potential.

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8th December 2020

Something worthwhile is never easy to obtain, if in fact it is then questions should be raised. We learn from the past in order to mark the future, and not act upon the failures of others. Brandish your weapons and join us in the quest for change, stand tall and follow in the steps of true Warrior's.

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10th November 2019

"The Hall Of Souls" will be held on the 10th of November 2019 for Senior members and Instructors at the KMA-Association. The Hall Of Souls Challengers must but be aware of live blades being used during the tournament. Location & times will be posted on entry approval.

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Honjojutsu Promo 2019

The Arts Of The Fast Draw

Honjojutsu Katori Ryu - Sensei Treanor at "Tewkesbury Way" following the last duel at the end of the pathway during the "Warriors challenge" in 2019.

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28th July 2019

KMA-Association new Online course starting soon for "Honjojutsu' the way of the sword. And remember! "It's not so much the Dog in the fight, but more the fight in the Dog" that is important. Can you handle what's to come? then join and find out?

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31st October 2019

The art of Honjojutsu Katori Ryu is what it is, To Draw fast, To Strike Hard, Deliberate in thought and Deed, Ever action as deadly as the next, every movement decisive and direct. We never use our weapon like a Cheer Leader twirling a Baton or a Prop in a Broadway Show. No Pomp, No Ceremony, No Bull, just you and your Sword and a great deal of hard work. 

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9th June 2019

KMA - Association is holding The Four Dragons Tournament for Senior members and Instructors on the June 9th 2019. All applicants must have membership with the KMA-Association, and have completed at least five Warrior Scroll Challenges as part of individual assessments for grade approval prior to being accepted into the tournament. 

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Honjojutsu Facebook Group

Be Apart Of Something Special

Facebook advert for goining the “Honjoutsu Katori Ryu” Private group for notifications on new courses in the “Way Of The Sword”. Members who join will be short listed to win a “Free” 6 month pass to learning "Honjojutsu Katori Ryu” Online.

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