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The formidable KMA Association Challenge team members being brought together in these sellections of photopraphs as part of the 2020 ‘Shadow Trial Tournament” which were held in December. Unyealding and relentless in there pursuit for victory over the “Shadow Trials” capture the crown and takeing first prize, winning over 11 out of 15 trial stages during in the competition.

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KMA Ninja Warriors

The KMA Association Challenge Team

The KMA Association Challenge Team - As from 2021 will be merging with the Shadow Warriors from the "Dark Arts Association" as a combined collaboration of talented professionals in the advancement and teachings of Kokido Ryu Ninjutsu & Honjojutsu Katori Ryu.

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Duel In The Lower Gardens

Battle Of Stage 1

Never seen before images of authentic duel fights by professional tournament fighters using live katana blades between challengers. Two challengers go head to head during stage one of the “Shadow Trials”. Ultimately during a duel with a hight probability of injury, one must yeild there sword to the other opponent in order to secure a stage win.

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The Duel Upper Level Floor

A Gift In Return

This duel draws a final conclusion by a Dark Ars Challenger Scout, as his apponent fails to yeild his sword.  This Image was taken on stage 2 of the “Shadow Trials” and was a quick conclusion to the stage win for this challenger.

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Going Solo Basement Level

A Brush With Destiny

Snapshot taken of one of our team members from the "KMA Association Challenge Team" following his second challenge of the day at the "Shadow Trials". Looking sharp and eager to push forward and join the group in the main Hallway. The plan is to overlap each others movements throughout each level of the building, as each challenger is pushed together in one area to be taken as a team effort to win the overall stage.

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Double Trouble

Thicker Than Thieves 

KMA Association Challenge Team Photo Shot taken during the "Shadow Trial" this morning. Never underestimate your opponent and overestimating your own abilities. These two are the nicest you will ever meet, and the last you will ever see if challenged. Form the School of Honjojutsu Katori Ryu they are legendary in the "Warrior Trials". It's not so much the Dog in the fight, but the fight in the Dog that counts. The Sengoku Way of the Sword and Shadow style of Honjojutsu Katori Ryu & Kokido Ryu Ninjutsu gives a true insight into the arts of War. These two have excelled themselves in the Trial and are a credit to us all at the school.

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Three into One

Hear, Speek, & See No Evil

The Shadow Team from the KMA Association in a Photo shoot prior to the "Shadow trials". Senior members are well rehearsed and break down every tactic in order to maximise the potential for Victory prior to begining the competition, and ensuring victory at the tournament.

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Patience Is A Virtue

He Came, He Sore, He Conquered 

Sensei Treanor in full kit ready to take advantage on the lower lobby being empty, and prepares for the next challenge in the trials starting shortly. Sensei would be an obvious target if not in full uniform, as many of the challengers in the "Shadow Trials" would like him taken out early in the competition in order to weaken his team, and strengthen their chances of taking the stage win.

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Falling Grace - Hall Of Souls

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Photograph taken during the "Hall Of Souls Challenge" Sensei Treanor and the KMA Association Challenge Team take down challengers waiting their arrival at the Derelict Mansion during stage One of the Tournament. This image shows one challenger falling to the lower level as the day was fraught with dangers in order to maintain the upper hand from all opponents wishing to take control of the upper floors.

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The Dragons Lair - Shadow Trials

Command and conquer 

This stunning image of a KMA Association Challenger was taken during the “Shadow Trials” as the lower basement floor needed to be secure to allow the takeover of the Derolict Mansion. This Ninja from the Kokido Ryu Ninjutsu would be an ideal soldier in order to begin sweeping the lower floors for a safe entry of his remaing team.

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The Harvest - Shadow Trials

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Two Dark Arts Association “Night Slakers" pictured during the "Shadow Trials" not very often seen, and not very often pictured together in the same image. Always having to be on top form when facing these guys for sure. Always on there own, and very rarely seen together like this.

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Rooftop Encounter - Shadow Trials

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Taking the high ground is alsways advantageous in any conflict regardless of circumstances. This image clearly showing an opportunity that should never be overlooked, but tread cautiously on any rooftop and keep mindful of each step taken.

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Riversedge%20Woodlands%20 %20Shadow%20Trials
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Cleansing Waters - Shadow Trial

Seeing is Believing 

All avenues must be explored during the “Shadow Trials” and exploited to the full. Gaining an advantage using the cover of water maybe unexpected by your apponents giving you the element of surprise. 

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Riverbank Encounter - Wilderness 

Tempering The Mind

KMA-Association Wilderness Training image taken during a practice duel between two senior students of the Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu School. Combat training is always rehearsed and practiced using live blades for senior ranking members. Often members duel against one another other in order to test Endurance, Stamina, and Skill, that with many years of training and ability can endure.

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Evading The Storm - Shadow Trials

Falling Shadow

Learning to move quickly using good ground work may win the battle and defeat your opponent when otherwise all may seem lost. Never assume your apponent will show mercy over your last few breaths, so evade the enevitable and move because your life may depend on it.

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