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A selection of Studio Portraits of Ninja Warriors from the "Honjojutsu Katori Ryu' school of “The Way Of The Sword", and "Kokido Ryu Ninjutsu" school of “The Way Of The Shadow Warrior”. All portrates can be downloaded in HD quality in A2 Printable Poster of which can be downloaded in digital format and resized to suite your requirements. 

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The Waterfall - KMA Challenge Team

Reflections Of Time

Image taken of the KMA Association Challenge team at the conclusion of the “Three Vales” Tournament in 2019. A beautiful poster representing the challenge team in reflection after winning the 2019 “Challenge Tournament”. Look upon us not as Victors over men, but participents in the struggle over ourselves.

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At The Dojo - KMA Challenge Team

All For One & One For All

The KMA Association Challenge Team get together at Sensei Treanor’s Dojo in preperation for the ‘Shadow Trials” due to take part in November 2020. Every eventuality and tactic must be worked through in order to gain the best advantage over all competitors facing the up an coming “Shadow Trials”. 

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The%20KMA%20Challenge%20Team%20 %20Image%20A2
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Derelict Mansion - Challenge Team

Collective Force

The KMA Association Challenge Team image taken at the conclusion of the "Hall Of Souls Challenge Tournament" after completing all stage requirements remaining the final team inside the Great Hall at the required time specified by the mandatory rules of the Competition. The KMA Association would like to thank all those who had entered the "Hall Of Souls" and those who were injured a speedy recovery, and look forward to seeing all competitors in our next challenge.

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Coming Together - Trial Challengers

Unexpected Dark Arts Visitors

A rare image taken prior to the “Shadow Trials” in 2020 starting from left is a Dark Arts Warrior - Sensei Treanor - KMA Challenger and last a Night Stalker all together in one room with all limbs still attached. The KMA Association holds a selection of “Trial Tournaments” during the course of the year with these competitors fighting for personal victory against one another during the tournament. Very few words were spoken during the photo shoot with the atmosphere thick with apprehension as there is no love lost between these competitors.

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The Day Before The Morning After

Gather Your Weapons

A brief moment between stages as four challengers take time out before the start of the next stage in the “Shadow Trial”. Senior challengers from the “Dark Arts Association - Honjojutsu Katori Ryu - Kokido Ryu Ninjutsu - Kyudo Kai Ryu  come together in this peacfull interlude prior to facing each other in the main field of Battle.

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The%20Three%20Diversions%20 %20Shadow%20Trials
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The Three Diversions - Shadow Trials

Heavens Gate

There is indeed a great deal of apprehension before the start of any Warrior or Shadow Trial that may involves these three Ninja Warriors known as Keepers. The purpose of which is to keep all aspects of the Challenge Tournament and challengers heading in one direction. If you are thinking of either running away or hiding during a stage, then you will have to face the Keepers who will force you to change your mind.

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KMA Association - Senior Members

The Senior Members & Instructors

A Remarkable photo taken of Senior members and instructors outside the KMA Association headquarters in full kit prior to the main metting held every month. The KMA Association is very much the Academy for the teachings of Kokido Ryu Ninjutsu & Honjojutsu Katori Ryu Martial Arts, teaching internationally and extensively through an online education in the promotion of “The Way Of The Shadow Warrior” and “The Way Of The Sword”.

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