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The “Formidable" and “Forboading”  "Dark Arts Association" "Shadow Warrior" as depicted in these remarkable images, to never turn down a challenge or duel in any trial or competition this relentless Dark Arts Challenger is feared in every sense by those that would face one in combat.  At 7ft 6 inches tall and weighing over 275 lbs there would be no easy challenge or way to defeat such an apponent in a duel or Battle.

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The Pick Up - “The Shadow Trials"

"To be" or "Not to be"

The Shadow Trials are held for those wishing to test every aspect of there art, both in skill and endurance. When facing a Shadow Warrior from the Dark Arts Association, then every aspect of your compitancy as a tournament fighter and skilled practitioner of your craft is put to the test. You either yeild or face the wrath of this most ruthless and indignant of opponents.

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A Bird In The Hand

Looks Are Deceiving

Sometimes things look fare worse from one perspective than another. Nothing is lost until you have given up, but giving the impression that all is lost may give you the edge over a stronger opponent. You must endure and confront the fear of dying or the fear itself will consume your every movement. The image shows you what you wish to believe, however the upper hand is yet to be presented.

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The Trial Begins

The Formidable Three

Well all three of the Shadow Warriors have arrived for the Trials from the "Dart Arts Association" so today should be interesting to say the least. Taking each day as it comes and not being mentally overwhelmed by their arrival is the best course of action. You only really see one when you are in the challenge arena, and I know from experience that many during the Trials and "Warriors Challenges" have buckled knowing they are just in the Vicinity, let alone being challenged by one.

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The Face Off "Shadow Trials"

Head In The clouds

Sensei Treanor and the last of the Challengers during the "Warriors Challenge" face each other off before the final stage of the tournament in 2019. Sensei even though 6ft 3inch tall is over shadowed by this formidable opponent from the "Dark Art Association". Allowing yourself to be intimidated when you are so close to victory is foolhardy, and serves only to cloud your mind with doubt and fear. If nothing has happened then there is nothing to be fearful of. Focus on the task at hand and be mindful of tactics to undermine self confidence and ability.

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Double Encounter - Shadow Trials

Two For One & One For All

Two Shadow Warriors against one person in a confined space doesn't seem fair play, but then when life turns the cards in its favour, you better make the best out of a bad situation. You either do or die with no second chances!. Anyway can't let the lads down as they have something special for tea tonight at Camp.

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The%20Main%20Duel%20 %20The%20Warriors%20Challenge
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The Final Duel - Warriors Challenge

No Time To Blink

 The last Shadow Warrior in the final duel from May 9th 2019 of the "Four Dragons Tournament"to take control of the stage Win. This Warrior will show no quarter if the smallest of mistakes are made, so all skill's and knowledge are put forward in order to defeat this challenger, and take the stage to control the Arena. Each of the Shadow Warriors from the Dark Arts Association are as mighty as they are skilful so everything may be lost in a blink of an eye if unprepared.

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Tempered Steel - The Three Vales

Clash of The Giants

Last Photo taken from the "Three Vales Challenge" during the final Duel in the Cathedral fallowing the last image uploaded. This image clearly shows the last of the "Dark Arts Challenger" taking a fall. This final Duel was fought with live blades of which this warrior sustained lacerations to his forearm and legs. Only the senior members are permitted to fight with live blades during a challenge, this is to invoke fear whilst forcing one or the other to yield their weapon. This Challenger was not for quitting though, so the fight was to the bitter end, hence his injuries. 

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Oakham%20Gardens%20 %20The%20four%20Drogons
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Cause & Effect - The Three Vales

What You See Is What You Get

"Elusions Of Fear" "Remember" regardless of how good you think you are, we can all be caught off guard. How we deal with things calmly can mean the difference between our next and last breath. "Do not Panic" and control your fears or your fear will consume your ability to act. Movements must flow naturally and be guided by what your feel, not by what you think. "Now who was caught off guard?

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The%20Forest%20Duel%20 %20The%20four%20Dragons
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Falling leaves - Warriors Challenge

A Gift In Return

Miyamoto Musashi once said that is you are facing an apponent and when in a fight to the death, one wants to employ all one's weapons to the utmost. I must say that to die with one's sword still sheathed is most regrettable. Two sword however will always overcome the one in a duel or battle.

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The%20Finak%20Duel%20 %20The%20Four%20Dragons%20Image%20A2
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Eye Of The Storm - The Three Vales

The Test Of Might

It is without doubt that the final Duel at the Cathedral during the "Three Vales Challenge" was a test for both in all that we could possible give in this stage of the Tournament. This remaining Shadow Warrior from the Dark Arts Association Team was indeed as skilful as he was formidable, and produced every trick in the book in order to win this stage. At 7ft 6 inches tall and weighing over 275 lb this was no easy challenge and could have gone either way. Fortunately I don't have a submissive switch and persuade his defeat until the bitter end.

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Brush%20Fire%20Encounter%20 %20The%20Three%20Vales
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The Vale Of Fire - The Three Vales

How Bad Can It Get?

The final stage of the “Three Vales Tournament” Day four “The Vales Of Fire” and “Yes” I am on my own again after losing my team members during the Arena challenge on Day three of the “Vale Of Fear”. These guys must be wearing asbestos uniforms as the heat is only just bearable, and they don’t look as if they are fazed by either the smoke, the flames, or me wanting to get past them in a hurry. The Vale Challenge is an exception to the rule when it comes to KMA-Association Challenges as the fear is more within you than is really about fighting and swordsmanship. It is however each challengers response to each Vale, and his or her limitations when facing extreme dangers that marks your ability as an individual both in mind and body, that defines you as an exception to the every day challenges of life.

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The%20Derolict%20Church%20 %20The%20Three%20Vales
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Time After Time - "Warriors Challenge"

The Calm Before The Storm

This image shows both Sensei Treanor and a Shadow Warrior from the Dark Arts Association as they pause briefly before the final duel and the Derolict Church during the “Hall Of Souls” tournament in 2019. You should always comfront the fear of dying by accepting death before you begin a duel, or the fear will overwhelm your ability to succeed.

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Vale%20Of%20Fire%20 %20The%20Three%20Vales
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Call My Bluff - The Three Vales

The Beggars Embrace

“Three Vales Challenge Tournament” There aren’t many options in this duel so a stand off is the better option until I can see the third Dark Arts Warrior, who is ready to pounce at any moment. Using one opponent at the mercy of your sword can give you enough time through the confusion of the smoke and flames to see a clear path ahead. Never be to “hasty” so just hang back a little until things are a bit more in focus, then make your move.

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High%20Anxiety%20 %20The%20Three%20Vales
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Widow Maker Bridge -  Three Vales

The Vale Of Fear

A team member from the KMA-Association takes on this formidable Shadow Warrior from the “Dark Arts Association” on stage three of this section of the “Vale of Fear” stage of the Tournament “The Widow Maker Bridge”. The foot runner has collapsed behind our team mates passage across the bridge, and is faced with either to proceed or to turn back? What would you do?. There are no safety harnesses, and the challengers meet with live Katana blades during all the Vale crossings. Challengers must each face the fear of falling to there death, and equally face serious injury or death at the hands of a Dark Arts challenger.

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Water%20Vale%20Challenge%20 %20Three%20Vales
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Vale Of Water - The Three Vales

Fight, Sink Or Swim

“The Three Vales Challenge” Team members from the KMA-Association for Honjojutsu take the “Vale of Water Challenge” during the “Three Vales Tournament” on stage two. In this section you have limited time to cross the Vale to the challenge arena on the opposite shore line, facing water currents, hidden dangers beneath the water, being separated from your team, and the occasional Dark Arts Shadow Warrior popping up unexpectedly are just a few of the dangers being faced.

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Copeland%20Woods%20Duel%20 %20Hall%20Of%20Souls
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Illusions Of Fear - Four Dragons

Test Of Faith

Final Challenge at Copeland Woods at the "Four Dragons Tournament" last week. There is no possibility of challenging and defeating this "Shadow Warrior" unless totally confident you will succeed. Five challengers must first be eliminated within the Arena before this Dragon is taken on and defeated in order to secure the stage towards victory. This is not a game or a test for the faint hearted, if you are not prepared you risk serious injury, especially if challenging a "Dragon" in the tournament regardless of being defeated. No single person has walked away unscathed, and neither did myself needing medical treatment following the stage win.

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The%20Church%20Encounter%20 %20Hall%20Of%20Souls
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Claiming The Shadow - Hall Of Souls

Less Is More

Sensei Treanor is left to Duel the last of the Shadow Warriors in the "Three Vale Challenge Tournament" Sensei Treanor is part of the KMA Challenge Team and will be entering the "Hall Of Souls Challenge" on the 10th Of November 2019. The KMA Association challenge team have participated in four challenge tournaments this year alone against seasoned challengers including "The Dark Arts Association Team" and have been placed in first position in all events to date, so good luck to those hoping to 'Win".

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The%20Labrinth%20 %20Three%20Vales%20Challenge
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The Labyrinth - The Three Vales

The Darkest Hour

“The Three Vales Challenge” Sensei Treanor and four team members take on a Shadow Warrior from the “Dark Arts Association” in the Labyrinth during the Vale Of Shadows on stage One of the tournament. It is important to concur your fear of the unknown where this Vale you will meet your opponents where visibility, and dark shadows may play tricks on your mind to cause confusion and distractions. You must overcome if you wish to defeat your enemy or be consumed by both.

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