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This website and all images are an accurate depiction of professional and qualified Martial Artists who are either actively taking part
In local and National tournament competitions or Impromptu images when being photographed during training or Studio portrait conditions. All images
have been taken with the expressed consent and permissions of all participants or persons captured within each image taken for the purpose of sales in the support of each members art form, martial arts, or association they belong to in the supporting financially.


The Website was created due to the demand for authentic images taken of such Professional Ninjutsu and Ronin practitioners
of the ancient Sengoku styles in Ninjutsu or Ninja styles of Martial Arts. Each image can vary containing or depicting either an active Duel between
two opponent’s, or images preceding or a conclusion of a stage fight during a tournament. Images may however contain some graphic content deemed offensive to some members of the public depicting images of injuries sustained by challengers during the fight sequences photographed,
but is no way however an accurate representation or evidence of a crime due to an unlawful assault upon any individual that may have been
committed during a tournament, whilst being photographed and under competitive conditions or otherwise. All such images and content are subject to individual and creative interpretation, by individuals involved whilst invoking their right of poetic creativity and artistic licensing.


The purposes of this Website and all images taken are in the promotion and financial support of schools and academies like Honjojutsu Katori Ryu - Kokido Ryu Ninjutsu and the KMA Association for the teaching of “The Way Of The Sword” and “The Way Of The Shadow Warrior”. The images are a truthful interpretation of events that depict factual people and places experienced by each individual, and the environment each person was photographed in. 


There are many reasons for entering a "Warriors or Shadow Trial" the most obvious is to be able to put your abilities into practice as a credible style of fighting against the very best internationally and locally. It's not a question of being masterful over any individual that crosses your path, but more of yourself as a swordsman and Martial Artist. Crossing your blade with another in peacetime or any other is indeed foolhardy I will admit, but we will never truly know ourselves and our abilities unless we do.


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