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"Studio Portraits” - "Dueling Images" - "Challenge Photos"

High quality portrait Posters in highest resolution in A2 printable quality at 700 mm x 419.9 mm HD & 4K Quality for you to print or re-size as required after digital downloading. Images are of fully trained and qualified Ninjutsu practitioners and Instructors from the Kokido Ryu Ninjutsu & Honjojutsu Katori Ryu Schools of "Sengoku Way Of The Shadow Warrior”. The images have be honestly presented to depict Shadow Warriors in either a Battle or relaxed state of mind and captured during the “Shadow Trial” or “Warriors Challenges”  Tournaments, which are held on a regular basis by the" KMA Association School Of Martial Arts”. All paid posters will have there Watermarks removed once dowloaded with only a small “Hanko Stamp and Copyright Logo in the lower right hand corner for "Provenance and Authenticity” of purchase.

"Have Your Digital Images Custom Printed"

Take your Digital downloads and send them to be printed onto personal items in the home, or as a gift for friends and family.


"Main Gallery Selection"

Images taken during “Shadow Trials Tournament” - “Warriors Challenges” - Stage Dueling” & Controlled Studio Conditions. All images presented are available to downlad from secure payment in Digital Download Format only.  The easy and secure way to own your very own Ninja Warrior Poster by adding your chosen poster to basket, then viewing before proceeding to payment with PayPal. We will then send you an email with each order linked for you to download. Processing of your order is not instant and can take up to 50 minutes before your confirmation email is sent.


Ninja Warriors

Warrior%20Image%20Pose%20 %20Zoom%20Out

Impromptu Photo's taken of Ninja Warriors whilst actively taking part in competitions & tournaments.


White Ninja


Photo's taken of "The White Ninja" whilst casual and under competative conditions during a Duels.


Dark Arts Warriors


Rare Photographs of Dark Arts Association Challengers in competative mode during Warriors Challenges.


Studio Images

Ninja%20Poster%200003 5466%20Landscape

Beautifully Stages images of Sensei Treanor, Ninja Warriors, and Shadow Warriors.


Promo Posters

  • Staged promotional photographs of Ninja Warriors for poster advertising using CGI & Smoke effects.

Group Photos

  • Photographs of Ninja Warriors together in a group for a staged photo shoot conditions either outdoors or studio.


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